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The brothers Vemund and Eitil have always enjoyed creating, and one day that led them to make t-shirts. The tees were made for themselves to wear, but their friends soon wanted to wear them too. This lead to the brothers thinking that it might be possible to sell them to even more people. Said and done, they marched down to a hip store in Stockholm to start off their career in fashion. Minutes later the brothers came out of that same store with their tails between their legs. A couple of tees aren’t enough, they were told. We can’t sell that. You need a collection, a style and a brand. Then we can talk. At this point, most would have given up, moved on and done what people usually do. But Vemund and Eitil didn’t do that. Instead they made that collection, and the year was 2005. Since we started we have always designed the clothes for ourselves and the people around us. Our friends and family, they are our inspiration. A mixture of different people, with different backgrounds – all carrying different expressions. When we involve them in our activities it brings character and personality. And we think personality is of great importance, especially in fashion where events or photoshoots can sometimes become cold or indifferent. We rather be foolish than cold, therefrom the phrase “Family, Friends & Fools” which describes who we are, and for whom we are doing it. So when choosing models to our collections, it is natural for us to use our friends instead of hiring a typical prettyface. We like to be inspired by the people we are working with. The garments are known for their unique features, each garment has its own personality and character. In terms of fashion, the globe is full of both liberal and conservative styles, they can be devided into camps but we like to mix them. Fashion can be boring when it is predictable and therefore we create a path in between where we nrich and preserve at the same time.The ambition is to create a garment that is functional in many different occasions. The formula is quite basic, imagine a traditional and classic style and then you combine it with something contemporary, something less polished. What you get is a garment that doesn’t fit into any particular style, but something with an expression of its own. We call them hybrids.