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Just Junkies

Just junkies by dj is a Danish fashion brand. The style is casual but has got an edge to it that makes the whole difference. Just junkies by dj is for guys and girls. The main target group is 18-35 year-old's and the collection is very reasonably priced. A lot of thoughts have been put into the design and the fit of the just junkies by dj collection, which gives it an edgy and a modern look. A just junkie girl is a girl who one day shows up in her trashy jeans and her favorite t-shirt and looks fantastic and the next day will wear her sensual silk dress and high heels and look totally different, but still the same. She doesn’t want to be categorized and she always stays true to her own style. She is young but rich on experiences, classic but trendy and she is feminine but has got the edge. A just junkie guy likes to be casual yet he is fashion conscious and he values his own identity. He is an urban individual with a passion for details and for the sophisticated look. He favors his trashed jeans and a cool t-shirt. He is casual with an edge and is a self-confident individual. Everybody has a favorite item in their wardrobe. Just junkies by dj want to be that item. Our philosophy is passion, dedication and open-mindedness. It is important for us to find the right business partners. We would like to build close relations with the shops which carry our brand and their employees and create a success together.