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Calvin Klein collection with Andy Warhol

Editorials & Style

Calvin Klein Jeans rolls out a collection in collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation with the artist's self-portrait on Sweaters and T-shirts. Warhol's self-portrait was made the year before he died. The artwork is printed in neon colors. Originals live all over the world in museums and galleries, but unique displays can hang in your closet!

Warhol Portrait Tee 902 White/Black 58 €
Warhol Portrait Tee 112 White/Blue 58 €
Warhol Portrait CN 099 Black/Yellow 119 €
Warhol Portrait Tee 099 Black 58 €
Warhol Portrait CN 901 Bright White/Pink 119 €
Warhol Portrait CN 112 White/Blue 119 €
Warhol Portrait Hoodie 099 Black/Purple 139 €

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