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How to shop

Finding your way in our store

We have equipped our website with a number of navigation features to facilitate your visit to stayhard.se. These features will help you as a user find your way around stayhard.se and make your shopping as easy and hassle-free as possible.


Main menu

When you come to the stayhard.se homepage, you'll see a menu with several different options at the top of the page. Here, you can choose what types of products you would like to view. You can choose to view all products, or only certain types of products (e.g. only trousers). You can also choose to view only certain brands. Or why not go bargain hunting in our Outlet?


Selecting the products you want to view

Once you have made your selections in the main menu, the products you have chosen will be displayed. There is a very useful filter on the left-hand side of the page, which allows you to check the types of brands or products you would like to view. You can also sort products by price range, e.g. only show products that cost between EUR 50-100.

As the last step in your filter, you can choose to only view products that are part of our outlet, or only view regular price products. If you want to see both of these, you do not need to make any active selection here.


Search function

In the search box at the top of the page, you can enter specific search words if you would like to bring up a specific product or a specific brand. For example, you can search on “Hammond” to bring up all products from the brand Adrian Hammond.


Adding items to your shopping cart

When you have found an item that you want to buy, it will be added to your shopping cart when you click "buy". To be able to click “buy”, you must first select a size. Once you have clicked "buy” you can continue shopping to add more products, or go directly to your cart to complete your purchase. If you would like to see the products you have placed in your shopping cart, or make changes to your cart, just click on the shopping cart button up in the right-hand corner.


Completing your purchase

At the top right corner, you can easily navigate to your purchase by clicking “Checkout”. Once there, follow the instructions to complete your purchase. Your purchase is carried out in three steps:

1.    Personal information – Where you enter your personal data, easily and hassle-free.

2.     Choose payment method – Where you can easily choose between several different payment options, including invoice, COD and payment in instalments.

3.     Confirmation – Where you can see the total amount before you send your order, and add a comment if there is anything special about your order that you would like us to know. When you have clicked “send order”, your order is complete and you will receive a confirmation by email.